Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Defeating the demons of procrastination

I set up this blog account well over a year ago and although I had good intentions, I became so distracted that I neglected to publish any entries... until now.

I was initially inspired by a comment made by Simon Gavin, head of A&M records and one of the judges on Channel 4's Unsigned Act in 2009. The purpose of the show was allegedly to find the UK's best unsigned act, but whilst there were some undoubtedly talented participants, it was largely a showcase for pretentious wannabes to show off their new haircuts, pout for the camera and totally ignore the advice of the judges. I recall Gavin criticising Pyrelli, an emcee from London because he felt his style was "too American". He added "British hip hop fans want people like Dizzee and Wiley". The ignorance of that statement irked me. People like Simon Gavin assume that British hip hop fans want to listen to Wiley and Dizzee Rascal because that's all they hear on commercial radio. UK hip hop covers a wide spectrum and grime is one of many subgenres, it just happens to be the most mainstream.

Having attended various hip hop events back in the UK and getting to know people like Soweto Kinch, Ty, Chima Anya and Juice Aleem who may not be household names but in terms of accolades, nominations and critical acclaim are hugely successful in their own right, I am always interested in exploring and sharing music that is unknown by many and often overlooked, as well as keeping up to date with projects from established artists. Over the past few years, I have been blessed to have met some of the world's greatest hip hop artists including The Roots, Ursula Rucker, DJ Premier and Lord Finesse to name just a few. I have written for several magazines, though not all of my articles have been published and I figured that I should share them, even if it is just through a blog that few people read.

This is my place to write about good music (or 'good' in my opinion, as it's all subjective) and music related projects, hip hop or other wise. I'm going to post interviews (new and old), reviews and general musings. I hope you enjoy.

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  1. Cool, I'd like to read some of your reviews n'all. Hope to see some stuff up soon :)